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2.6.1. The Hub

A thriving metropolis, the Hub is Onverseā€™s premier shopping destination; it has the most stores of any area of Onverse. The Hub also features: nightclubs, an amphitheatre, a park, a pirate ship, fireworks, picnics, and a whole lot more! When Onverse is updated with events the Hub changes its look to reflect the event and contains event specific shopping areas! Situated between an ocean and a mountain range, the Hub gives you an equal taste of sandy beaches and snow-covered mountaintops! If you love the fast paced city life, the Hub is your destination!

2.6.2. Volcano Island

A chain of volcanic islands sprout from the sea, covered in lush plant life and ancient ruins. Hydrothermal forces create a beautiful, yet somewhat dangerous place to live. Volcano Island is a tropical region that features shopping and plenty of Tuscan inspired living. The views that can be found here are stunning! Be sure to see the active and dead volcanoes that formed the island. There are many caves to explore and many PP to be collected. If you enjoy relaxing, soaking up the sun and breathtaking views, Volcano Island is for you!

2.6.3. Ancient Moon

High above Onverse Prime is the vast wilderness of the Ancient Moon, where and ancient civilization known as the Cephalons have long awaited the return of their kin. Ancient cultures and cutting edge technology collide in an unprecedented way! Aesthetically modern architecture is juxtaposed with ancient monuments and alien landscapes. Inhabited by strange life forms and having a large primeval expanse makes Ancient Moon a must see for any explorer!

2.6.4. The Learning Center

The Learning Center is where the knowledge of Onverse is stored for those wishing to seek it. Wisdom has been passed down through a series of tutorials that cover all of the basics of Onverse life. For newer players it is a great place to spend time and become familiar with the Onverse. For older players, its relaxing atmosphere makes it the perfect place to socialize with new players. Fireworks can be found everywhere in the Learning Center, which makes it a popular PP hunting destination for new and old players alike!