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2.5.1. IceFall

IceFall is an action packed platform/shooter game where eight players compete to get the most points by the end of a match. Players throw snowballs at each other to knock each other off while attempting to pick up power ups and navigate an icy grid of floating platforms that break and fall away! Points are gained by knocking off opponents and collecting the PP that fall from the sky. Power ups give you more powerful weapons and abilities and can even increase the amount of points you get for knocking off your opponents! There are four versions of IceFall: free, 100PP, 500PP and 1,000PP; the cost reflects the price to join a match, but the ones with the highest fee also provide the highest payoff! For a full explanation of how to play IceFall, read the tutorial located inside of the IceFall arena designated by a large "?".

2.5.2. Splatball

Splatball is a fast paced free-for-all first person shooter game that replaces bullets with paintballs! Players run around the multi-leveled map collecting power ups, avoiding opponents’ paintballs (and firing some of their own) and collecting different paintball guns. When an opponent is splatted, you steal some of their points! The player with the most points at the end of a match wins. There are two versions of Splatball: beginner (free) and expert (100 PP). For a full explanation of how to play Splatball, read the tutorial located inside of the Splatball arena designated with a large "?".