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2.4.1. Finding a Home

Once you have decided on which area you want your home to be, go to the list of instances on the map and sort the instances by number of available homes in decreasing order. This will give you the best shot at owning the home you want. If you have already found the home you want, click through the instances with available homes, and look for the one you want to be white (unowned). If you don't know exactly which home you want, click one of the homes to head into the instance and look at it for yourself. Be sure to check out all the other available homes in that instance as well to cover a bunch quickly.

2.4.2. Buying Homes

To purchase a home, you much first make sure it is unowned. An unowned home will appear white on the map and its home point on the side of the home will be orange. You must also have enough PP or CC to buy the house. If you already own one home, every additional home you buy will have an extra CC fee to purchase it. To buy the house, double click the home point and press the purchase button!

2.4.3. Decorating Homes

To decorate your home, place furniture within it by opening up the furniture tab in your inventory. Then double click a piece of furniture or drag and drop it onto its appropriate location within your home (e.g., a ceiling item should be placed on the ceiling). Once the object is in movement mode (a rotational circle and three axis are present), you can drag it in straight lines by clicking an axis or rotate it by clicking on the circle around the object and rotating your cursor. You can also freely move the object by clicking its center and dragging your cursor. By holding Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac), you can do some advanced movement options such as dragging floor objects on walls and ceilings and rotating objects based on left-right movement rather than a circular movement.

2.4.4. Home Points

Home points are a control outside of every property. It will provide you info about the property and allow you to purchase it. If you own a property the home point will allow you to pick up your furniture, sell the property, and turn the power on and off.

2.4.5. Types of Homes

There are many different types of homes within Onverse. To see which homes are available in an area, look at the map. A home may be free, cost PP, or cost CC. The bigger the home, the more furniture it can hold. To see a home’s furniture limit, examine its home point or right click its icon on the map and select "Info".

First, there are apartments; there are three types of apartments: free (found in the Hub, Ancient Moon, and Volcano Island), deluxe (found in the Hub, Ancient Moon, and Volcano Island) and penthouse (found in the Hub). Second, there are houses; there are five types of houses (which can all be found on Ancient Moon and Volcano Island): bungalows, cottages, houses, villas and mansions. Third, there are estates; there are four types of estates: Paradise (Volcano Island), Burning Hills (Volcano Island), Sol (Ancient Moon), and Mountainview Lodges (the Hub). Lastly, there are land plots (land plots are barren, to build a house on one, check out the items in Home Improvement in the Hub); there are four types of land plots: Paradise (Volcano Island), Burning Hills (Volcano Island), Sol (Ancient Moon), and Mountainview (the Hub).