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Holy Leprechauns!

Mardi Gras 2015

Love is in the Air - 2015

Cha-ching... Jackpot!

Winter Wonderland 2014

Harvest Festival Returns!

Fashion Mustache Jackpots!

Halloween 2014

Sweet, Sweet Land!

Candy Coast is Here!

Stores and Games

Back to School with a Bang!

The Furniture Update

Return to Patriot Beach!

Onverse Turns Five!

Epic Player Point Housing

Prom 2014 - Frozen Dream

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


Get Your Real Face in a Video Game!

The Next Onverse Idol


Mardi Gras - 2014

Love is in the Air - 2014

Back on the Farm

The Great Land Grab

Hit the Jackpot in 2014!

Journey to the North Pole

Winter Wonderland 2013

Feast and Festival

Fall Keeps on Rolling!

Halloween is Here!

Fall is Here!

Journey to Ancient Japan

Back to School

Friendly Competition

Crystal Awards 2013

A Time for Patriotism

Anniversary Update!

Treasure Explosion!

Prom 2013 - Atlantis

Que Onda?

Welcome to Suburbia

The Hunt is On!

Green Day Rocks!


Love is in the Air 2013

Spring 2013 Begins

Final Winter Update

2013 Here We Come!

Holiday Season is in Full Swing! Holiday Deals!

Winter Wonderland 2012

Thanksgiving like a Rock Star!

A Time for Family and Friends

Gangnam Style Halloween

Fall Begins with Halloween!

Treasure Reload!

Ancient Cultures: Greece

Get Out to Vote!

Now Loading!

Stick ‘em Up Patriots!

Year Three in Review

Onverse Turns Three!

Remembering Our Soldiers

Ancient Cultures: Egypt

Onverse Prom 2012

Spring Keeps on Giving!

Hop into Spring!

Leprechauns Have Landed!

Yeehaw - Trial Treasures!

Mardi Gras Party time!

Love is in the Air 2012

Domo is Here!

Epic Elemental Adventure!

Jackpot Treasures!

Winter Wonderland is Here!

Take the First Step to a Great Career

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone Gets a Free Car!

Costumes and Cars! is Now Live

A Haunting in Onverse!

Fun with Friends

Big Dogs in the House!

Back to School with a Splash!

Get Your Club On!

A Time for Community

May the Forest be with you!

Rollin' on Dubs with Patriotism!

The Enchanted Forest is Here!

A Little Somethin' for Everyone!

Swim, Jump, Ride and Save!

Horses are Here!

Get in Motion!

Past, Future and Beach Plots!

The Biggest Party Ever!

The Great Land Grab!

New Hub - New Website!

Welcome to 2011!

Everyone Gets a Free Car

They have been a long time in the making, but CARS ARE HERE! Not only that, but everyone gets a free car. Travel to the new game, Cars: Point Party, which takes place in a new area called the Tangerine Coast. Collect points by breaking targets with your car on the ground and in the air! Read on to see what else is in this special update!

Cars: Point Party

Strap yourself in to you own free car and travel to the Tangerine Coast for a new type of game, found along with the other games on your map. Boost your jet and scream through Jump City, across countryside farms, into lush forest, and through snowcapped mountains. Break targets with your car to collect points. Cars: Point Party will continue to evolve as a place to drive cars and have fun.

The Harvest Festival is Here

Nature is beginning to prepare for the winter and the Hub trees are dropping their leaves. It’s a time of giving and a time of reflection. Join us at the beach in the Hub where the Harvest Festival feast is set up once again to share amongst the community. Also included this year is a Native American village selling hand-worked items and a Pilgrim village as well. Grab a free rake and venture across the Hub helping to clean up the falling leaves for Player Points and Special Harvest Festival gift drops.

Wolf Mounts and Pets

Hop on and howl at the moon with the new wolf mounts! These two-player mounts will get you where you are going in style! Also, you can now own a wolf pup to follow you around and learn the ways of the world.

New Furniture Sets

Ne sets of furniture are in with two new animal print styles to look forward to. This time through we have the giraffe and tiger textures. Grrr… tigers! Also available is a new white wicker furniture set. Get them all at Factory fresh Imports in the Hub.www

Free T-shirts

The Create-a-Shirt competition winners are in. Be sure to grab one in the Onverse Store in the Hub. Also, available for free in Factory Fresh Imports is a t-shirt to celebrate Veteran’s Day and help support our troops!

Other Cool Stuff

  • Quest for Athena is on! Check the announcement forum for details.
  • All new Player Suits for males.
  • The VIP button on the map now will take you to the VIP Premium Vault or VIP Lounge until more beta testing is needed.
  • Don't forget to like our Facebook App!

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